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10 Useful Suggestions for Working With a Huge Angle Lens for Panorama Images

A wide angle lens is one of the most common pieces of gear in any landscape photographer’s bag, but such focal lengths come with their own unique challenges. If you struggle with creating effective images with your wide angle lens, this excellent video will give you 10 helpful tips for working with it. Coming to…Continue reading

5 straightforward and actionable methods to seek out new images concepts

This post is written by Dina Belenko, a 500px Ambassador who specializes in still life photography. People always ask me where I find ideas for my work, and I usually respond by recommending that they read a wonderful essay by Neil Gaiman titled Where do you get your ideas from?, because each and every word…Continue reading

Useful Suggestions for Enhancing Your Panorama Pictures

Landscape is a complex genre that takes a lot of skill, forethought, and creativity to create successful images. This excellent video will show you a wide variety of tips to improve your landscape photography. Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this great video features him discussing the things that most improved his landscape photography. Personally,…Continue reading

5 Suggestions for Making an attempt out Macro Pictures

If you are currently stuck at home and looking for something to shoot, macro photography can open up a world of possibilities all around your house. This great video will give you five tips to get started. Coming to you from Kai W, this helpful video will get you started with macro photography at home.…Continue reading

7 pictures tasks that will help you keep sane whilst you’re caught at house

stuck at home and there’s only so much Netflix you can handle? Engaging in creative hobbies like photography can help make sure you don’t sacrifice your mental health for your physical health. What do you photograph when you can’t venture beyond your own four walls or backyard, though? Here are 15 photography projects you can…Continue reading

Watch this loopy video combining fireplace, water, capoeira and sluggish movement

Slow-motion video is a lot of fun to shoot. I’ve been playing around with it myself a bit since recently receiving the Insta360 ONE R, which is capable of shooting up to 200fps. It can be tricky, though. You need subjects that benefit from being slowed right down for a start. And if you’re using…Continue reading

Artistic Summary Images with Meals Coloring and Milk

Like any art form, photography thrives on experimentation. Creative abstract photography with food coloring and milk is a simple process, but it produces vibrant and immediate results. Using ingredients sourced from the pantry and the fridge, this is a fun project with plenty of room for creativity. f/5.0 1/125 ISO 100 x 2 A bit…Continue reading

Water Images Concepts: The best way to Use Textures, Moods and Reflections for Nice Photographs

What better way to celebrate and honour Earth Day than write about water photography? Over seventy percent of the earth is covered in this beautiful and crucial resource. Within us? Water is about 60% of our internal structure. Water surrounds us in oceans, rivers, streams, glaciers and vapors. With this vital resource – every day…Continue reading

Minimalist Landscapes: Why Is It so Tough When There’s so Little within the Body?

Minimalist photography by and large captures my imagination far more compared with traditional landscape photographs. I also I find that the less that’s in the frame, the more challenging it is to photograph. Go figure.   The thing about minimalist landscape photography is that the use of negative space is what sets it apart from…Continue reading