Author: Genesis

Begin Utilizing Composition Concept in Your Images As a substitute of Composition Guidelines

We are quite familiar to the rule of thirds, the golden ratio, and perhaps the Fibonacci spiral. We know how to use it in photography, more or less, and we all have heard about breaking these composition rules. But perhaps you should use composition theory instead. “Break with the rules of composition.” We have all…Continue reading

Photographing Fog and Mist

Ah, the romance of a misty second. The nippiness of darkish, lurking shadows rising from the fog. The glow of the solar’s rays by the rising vapour. The place there’s fog, there’s temper. Fog within the Discipline by Sheen Watkins From mild and filmy to thick and haunting, fog’s density creates the general feeling of a picture.  On cool summer season mornings, misty mornings are refreshing.  Conversely, in darkish settings, a way of thriller emerges.Continue reading