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5 straightforward and actionable methods to seek out new images concepts

This post is written by Dina Belenko, a 500px Ambassador who specializes in still life photography. People always ask me where I find ideas for my work, and I usually respond by recommending that they read a wonderful essay by Neil Gaiman titled Where do you get your ideas from?, because each and every word…Continue reading

7 pictures tasks that will help you keep sane whilst you’re caught at house

stuck at home and there’s only so much Netflix you can handle? Engaging in creative hobbies like photography can help make sure you don’t sacrifice your mental health for your physical health. What do you photograph when you can’t venture beyond your own four walls or backyard, though? Here are 15 photography projects you can…Continue reading

Watch this loopy video combining fireplace, water, capoeira and sluggish movement

Slow-motion video is a lot of fun to shoot. I’ve been playing around with it myself a bit since recently receiving the Insta360 ONE R, which is capable of shooting up to 200fps. It can be tricky, though. You need subjects that benefit from being slowed right down for a start. And if you’re using…Continue reading